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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gypsum Pond Leaks into Widows Creek, Three Weeks After Tennessee Valley Authority Suffered Nation's Worst Spill Ever at a Coal Plant

This is absolutely amazing. Less than three weeks after the Tennessee Valley Authority suffered the nation's worst spill ever at a coal power plant, another pond at another TVA plant has leaked gypsum-laden water into a nearby creek.

At the Widows Creek Fossil Plant, the leak from a pipe at a 147-acre gypsum pond was repaired Friday morning, TVA officials said, but not before enough water and gypsum caused a settling pond to overflow into Widows Creek, which flows into the Tennessee River.

The leak was found about 6 a.m. at one of the ponds -- about a mile from the plant -- used to store residue from the air scrubber at the Widows Creek plant. An employee found the leak during one of the twice daily walk-throughs conducted by TVA personnel, which have doubled since the Kingston, Tenn., spill, TVA spokesman Gil Francis said.

This latest leak at a TVA coal plant in such a short period of time raises some very serious concerns about the integrity of the ash ponds where, as you know, potentially toxic coal ash is dumped.


Garry said...

More info on the TVA Widows Creek spill. The TVA is begining a coverup campaign concerning this spill. Pictures and story on my blog, http://arklite.blogspot.com