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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama Administration Refuses To Clamp Down On Cow Burps

Cow burps, a big contributor to global warming -- bigger than coal mines, landfills and sewage treatment plants -- is being omitted from efforts by the Obama administration and House Democrats to limit greenhouse emissions. I know, many people didn't give this a second thought, but it's a big issue. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, belching from the nation's 170 million cattle, sheep and pigs produces about one-quarter of the methane released in the United States each year. That's a big deal because they are the largest source of heat-trapping gas.
In part because of an adept farm lobby campaign that equates government regulation with a cow tax, the gas that farm animals pass is exempt from legislation being considered by Congress to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The EPA under President Barack Obama has said it has no plans to regulate the gas, even though the agency recently included methane among six greenhouse gases it believes are endangering human health and welfare.

The message circulating in Internet chat rooms, the halls of Congress and farm co-ops had America's farms facing financial ruin if the EPA required them to purchase air-pollution permits like power plants and factories do. The cost of those permits amounted to a cow tax, farm groups argued. Source: The Huffington Post
The Administration and House Democratic leaders have tried to assure farm groups that they have no intention of regulating cows. That's a big mistake. You can't just pick and choose which contributors to greenhouse gas emissions you regulate. They should all be regulated for the good of everyone.

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