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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Bans Government Employees from Wearing Suits, Jackets & Ties to Save Electricity

Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister of Bangladesh, has ordered male government employees to stop wearing suits, jackets and ties to save electricity. He told officials that it would minimize their use of air-conditioners. The country suffers from daily power outages because power plants are unable to meet the country's growing demand. According to BBC, during the hot months between March and November, men have been ordered to wear pants and shirts instead and they do not have to tuck them into their pants any more. That's like a permanent casual Friday!

Officials and ministers have also been told not to turn their air-conditioners below 24C. The government introduced daylight saving in June and the clocks moved forward by one hour, in another attempt to reduce energy consumption.

According to BBC, the current state-owned plants have not been able to keep up with Bangladesh's large population and its economy, which has been growing at about 6% annually for the past five years.
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